Malta is an EU domicile, with a varied fund structure offering which provides a Professional Investor Funds regime (“PIF”) suitable for clients wishing to set up funds for non retail investors. There are three classes of PIF’s, aimed at various investor profiles ranging from quasi-retail to institutional investors:

• Experienced Investors
• Qualified Investors
• Extraordinary Investors

Min investment amount
Min investment amount
Min investment amount
€ 10,000
€ 75,000
€ 750,000

The Experienced Investor and Qualified Investor PIFs have many similarities with the Gibraltar EIF regime, but with the flexibility for lower investment limits. The Experienced Investors PIF is subject to investment diversification requirements and borrowing (leverage) restrictions, unlike the other two categories of PIF which are not subject to such restrictions.

For family office arrangements, there is also a Private scheme available, which limits investors to no more than fifteen persons all of whom must be close friends or relatives of the promoter.